About John Rollinson

There is more to the human being than generally acknowledged in mainstream medicine, religion and social science.  The idea that we are for the most part a thinking, feeling biological machine has been gaining ground since the Enlightenment.  This conception falls short of what observation can tell us about how human beings interact, both in terms of productive cooperation and healing on outward and inward levels.  It also has far reaching consequences for the avenues science pursues in furthering human flourishing. 

John Rollinson has been a Eurythmy teacher with a focus on early childhood since 1993 as well as a therapist since 2001.  He cofounded a WECAN member Nursery School in Massachusetts in 2014.  One of three fully certified practitioners of Craniosacral therapy in Massachusetts, John practices full-time in Northampton, as well as at a school clinic in the area.  He studied at the Upledger Institute for Craniosacral therapy, where he trained through the highest levels with the Institute’s founder, Dr. John Upledger.  A graduate of High Mowing School, John earned a 5-year degree in Eurythmy in 1993 culminating 10 years intensive study of Anthroposophy in Germany, Sweden, England and Switzerland, before working as a performer in the London College of Eurythmy Ensemble.  John is a Waldorf teacher and has worked with children and adults for over 30 years.  Besides Eurythmy, the major focus of his work has been Craniosacral and Somato Emotional Release Therapy.  Working with patients aged 1 day through 101 years, a dramatic shift in approach has been tapping into the individual destiny of the inmost human being – throwing the therapeutic wheel towards the victory of freedom over determinism.  John has 6 children aged 10 – 30 and lives in western Massachusetts.

He has in his practice had especial success using CST / SER in treating:

Most Pediatric conditions
Asthma and Breathing Issues
Sleep Disorders (apnea and insomnia)
Most Stress-related conditions
Learning difficulties and Emotional problems
Neck, Back and Joint pain and dysfunction
Dizziness and Tinnitus
Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab and Recovery

and many other conditions

Children's Clinic
Wednesdays: 1:00 - 3:00pm  Call for availability
During Clinic time children can be treated for a donation to the Center for Cranio Sacral Therapy of Northampton.
43 Center Street, Suite 201