Related CranioSacral Resources

A wonderful bass-baritone and chorus leader in Amherst, MA and Munich, Germany is Gabriel Rollinson.

Family Medicine:
Margaretha Hertle, MD is a skilled healer for anthroposophical, holistic and homeopathic solutions.  518-672-7004

Computer Needs:
I have had really, really great luck with Left Click, Computer repair and Service, a locally owned, top-notch group of people.

Feng Shui:
An exceptional Feng Shui Consultation that is way more than moving furniture around. Stacy Davenport visits western Massachusetts 3 or 4 times a year.

A truly great Rolfer, Richard Shaw changes the way one stands and walks with his masterful art.
(413) 586-8252

Jonathan Stein works with grief and loss processsing and leads grief support groups in the Amherst-Northampton area.  He is an expert in both acute crisis relief and in taking hold of one's life permanently.

The Upledger Institute offers training seminars in a wide variety of disciplines and is a resource for research and the latest news.


A wealth of resources for the treatment of a rare cancer that occurs in the lungs, often caused by asbestos exposure.