Patients/clients have said:

"John – Your background and the CranioSacral + derivative therapy approaches are perfectly blended. Should you desire to become an instructor / teacher for the Upledger Institute I would be pleased to recommend you."
Dr. John Upledger

"I was told I needed knee replacement surgery, and John Rollinson has helped my knee recover a good deal of its mobility. From being unable to walk comfortably, I can now move almost normally again. I am grateful to be a recipient of John's professional knowledge and his thoughtful help."
S. B., musician

"John Rollinson has been providing Cranio-Sacral Therapy services to seven children in my class who are manifesting various learning and behavioral challenges. The transformations and improved abilities I have observed in the children, since the cranio-sacral began, have been dramatic and positive. The most profound improvement in abilities, across the board in the children with serious difficulties in reading, has been their new-found ability to take up the reading in a big way. This letter comes with my highest recommendation."
B. C., teacher

"Always, the work John has done on me has been priceless and the effects long lasting. I would recommend him to any and everyone. I no longer notice the asthma which kept me up nights for years."
T. H., teacher

"John Rollinson 's gentle, attentive treatment transformed my physical state from one of nervous agitation to tranquility. I was amazed that so subtle a technique could have so profound an effect. The constant tremor in my hands abated for some time after a session with John. Seeing John regularly for a craniosacral treatment would be a powerful addition to anyone's health regime."
P. B., teacher